We Offer Hope for People Facing Drug Addictions, Alcoholism, Depression, Eating and Behavioral Disorders and Other Mental Illnesses. Our addiction recovery success rates are among the best in the country! Graduates from our Drug Rehab Centers in Utah will tell you, the Ark is simply the best addiction recovery program available.

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Even during the darkest of days, for people suffering from drug addiction, alcoholism or mental illness, the Ark Residential Drug Rehab Centers in Utah offer addiction recovery programs that provide hope for a better tomorrow, a foothold, a place to start. That’s what hundreds of people from all walks of life who have graduated from the Ark’s drug rehab centers in Utah will tell you.

From the first day they entered the Ark, they began a journey of self-discovery that illuminated their path and opened up new possibilities they didn’t even know existed. If you or someone you know is suffering from destructive addictive behaviors or a mental-health problem or you are looking for a drug rehab program with a proven track record of successful addiction recovery, take the first step: Talk to a representative from the Ark; investigate the wide variety of residential treatment and out-patient programs the Ark offers; and, plan a visit to any one of the Ark’s facilities and discover for yourself that your past doesn’t have to dictate your future.

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